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Can we help you with staffing?

Full-service support by TSG does not end once an order is filled, rather it is only the beginning. We will continue to service your needs. We continually interview potential candidates update files, expand our benefits as well as to create innovative ideas relative to Payroll Services.


TSG’s ‘Payroll Service Plan’ is a cost effective and simple process for handling unique employment situations, particularly when the terms of employment are difficult to identify. The ‘Plan’ provides a flexible and effective method for handling personnel when permanent assignments are not eminent. The ‘Plan’ can be utilized to hire and re-hire temporary contractors. All employees assigned to the ‘Plan’ are considered a “payrollee” inclusive of previous employees, relatives, students, consultants, or retirees at a lower cost without the risk of co-employment litigation. Additionally, payrollees may include the following: individuals recommended by client’s employees or by someone outside your company and specialists well-known in industry.

In short, we’re working hard to be your temporary service ~~ Everyday!


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